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Our concept : create an Eco-center

Ziemiosfera is the first ecocenter in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It combines 3 different concepts into one beautiful location: a zero-waste store, a space for eco-workshops and a coffee spot. The goal of Ziemiosfera ecocenter is to provide healthy and sustainable alternatives for our day-to-day life, as well as to share them through learning sessions or around a drink.

The store offers local, healthy products free of any added chemicals. We will sell them in the spirit of zero waste that is to say in bulk. The offer includes food, eco-accessories, cosmetics, DIY ingredients, personal hygiene and home hygiene products. No more plastic rubbish and no more eating dangerous substances!

We worked hard on making the store convenient for everybody. We have gravity dispensers for dry products and easy-to-use containers with transparent tops. You are welcomed to come with your own containers and fill them directly in the store. Being zero waste has never been so easy!


We organize and host workshops, meetings, presentations and talks to learn about sustainable practices and increase environmental awareness. We want to inspire others to change step by step showing how pleasant it is to live in harmony with nature. 

If you want to know what kind of workshop we organise, take a look at our workshop page. Our space is open for your eco -event. We also give  workshops ourselves. You can already book your place HERE.

We also have a self-service coffee spot where you can buy drinks and snacks or try products available in the store. We believe that sharing a drink or a meal is the best way to create an eco-community and share positive vibes. We hope that it will let everyone feel to be a part of a global movement and empower to take action, one step at a time!  

Come to taste our healthy pies, soups or quiches together with a wide variety of tea, herbs and coffee. Plus the atmosphere in the shop is marvelous with all the plants around,  nice smells and the company of people sharing the same love for nature.

Our vision

Our vision is to create an inclusive place for everyone who would like to increase it's positive impact on the environment and on his or her's own health. This place has been created to exchange and grow together.

We want to show everyone how simple it can be to reduce plastic waste, eat more healthy without harmful substances and show that eco can be affordable and beautiful. 

In the long term, we also want to increase biodiversity in Tri-city by creating a permaculture garden in the city. Plus, it is really dear to us to involve companies to boost our impact and drive change together.

About us
Poznajmy się!

Let's get to know each other :) 


We are a pair of nature lovers who are concerned about the state of our planet and want to act. 


About five years ago, we were growing more and more uncomfortable about the excesses of the capitalist system, which prefers to control and subjugate nature rather than interact with it. Seeing its negative impact everywhere, we felt more and more sad and frustrated about it. 


So we started with a few simple steps, transforming little by little various aspects of our lives: our diet, means of transport, products to clean the house, etc. As we felt on the right path, we participated in more and more discussion panels, workshops and webinars on sustainable development, circular economy, zero waste and healthy plant nutrition. We co-organized kids summer camp with ecocentre Cité s'invente, co-organised eco workshops at the Cultural Center of Dison, volunteered in the community garden and built a public vegetable garden in the middle of the city. We also followed training on natural care, lived off grid in harmony with nature and helped in permaculture farms.


After taking the time to reflect about how to take it a step beyond, we realized that what we loved is to share our vision of a sustainable way of life. And that is why we created Ziemiosfera!

We know that the world needs change, so we started with ourselves and we want to continue to inspire others. We want to create a snowball effect of millions of small steps that will amount to great positive impacts on our society and our ecosystems. We want change, and we can only introduce them with you. 

Get to know us
Poznajmy się

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